Update Procedure for icListen LF

October 10, 2014


Updates are applied using Lucy.

While applying this update, take care not to interrupt the power to the instrument.

Perform the following steps to update your icListen:

  1. Power the icListen using the power adapter (do not power from internal battery).
  2. Connect to the icListen via Lucy.
  3. Click the "icListen" button under "Files" on the main panel.
  4. Click the "Firmware" button.
  5. Enter the password "abc123". This password is case sensitive.
  6. Select the update file "LFUpdate.bin" provided by Ocean Sonics.
  7. Wait for Lucy to confirm the firmware copy. NOTE: Ensure power is stable during this step.
  8. Once Lucy says the update is complete, the unit must be power cycled. NOTE: This is not a
    reset, the unit must be powered off (disconnect the power).
  9. Apply power to icListen and the update will be complete. Confirm success by checking the
    firmware version has updated.