Update Procedure for icListen AF

October 10, 2014


Ensure that all necessary log files are retrieved from the instrument before
applying this update, as they will be erased during the update process.
Files may be retrieved using Lucy, a web browser, or an FTP, SCP or SFTP client
(such as FileZilla).

Updates are applied using Lucy, FTP, SFTP, or SCP. In Lucy click the "icListen" button under
"Files" on the main panel. When using SFTP or SCP, connect to port 22, use "icListen" as the
user name, and by default there is no password. icListen releases prior to release 23 do not
support updating through Lucy or FTP.

While applying this update, take care not to interrupt the power to the instrument.

Perform the following steps to update your icListen:

  1. Power the icListen using the power adapter (do not power from internal battery).

  2. Connect to the icListen via Lucy, FTP, SFTP, or SCP.

  3. Once connected, If using Lucy, click "Firmware". Otherwise, you should see a directory
    called "update". If this directory doesn't exist, create it. This directory name is case sensitive.

  4. Select/Upload the update ".icu" file into the "update" directory.

  5. The instrument must now be reset in order for the update to take place. This can be done
    through the web interface, or using Ocean Sonics' Lucy.
    1. Lucy: Use the "Reset" button on the "Link Setup" tab of the icListen setup panel to
      reset the instrument.

    2. Web Interface: Type the IP address of your icListen into the address bar of your web
      browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc), and use the "Reset" button on the
      "Operations" page to reset the instrument.

  6. Allow approximately 5 minutes for the update to complete.

  7. The update should now be complete. You may connect using the web browser to ensure the update
    has successfully taken place. The "Firmware Release" number should be displayed on the "Home"
    page. If the release version is blank, or does not appear to be correct, press the "Refresh"
    button at the bottom of the page.